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Our ultimate goal is having a positive impact on our clients, businesses and society at large. This we achieve through digitalisation, promoting innovation, detailed research, expert knowledge and professional advice. 


As consultants we come across a wide variety of industries, technologies and topics. This opens up our world and allows us to take a birds eye view on every new project. This way we are able to provide unbiased advice and key turn solutions.    


We are in this business for the past fifteen years. During this period we delivered numerous solutions to our clients ranging from strategy to product development or design. We take pride in our work and we are eager to solve complex issues or contribute with fresh ideas to each new case assignment in turn.   


Our experts are based in multiple locations around the globe, hence we are ready to provide cover, assistance and development capacity in multiple time zones and languages. Our home base is in Europe but remotely we can reach out to any location. 


We are time, quality and price competitive. We deliver top value and accommodate each and every assignment in turn. We continuously invest in our resources, absorb new knowledge and apply these to each new case. 


We master various technologies and where we lack certain knowledge we're not afraid of learning some more. Our technical expertise ranges from cloud to mobile and from design to security, maintenance and rapid implementation. Any new technology we are ready absorb, perfect and apply in our every day practice.

Our Team

Our Team

Mugur Ionita, PhD

Senior Consultant, Group Management

Specialties: Commodities, Trading, Finance & Banking, Fintech, Advisory, Architecture


Tel. +31.641.650.690

3572RH, Utrecht, Paesi Bassi

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